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    Hi Walker,

    thanks for your very quick response!

    as you can see from the discussion above, we think it could be usefull for the DEM to get it on one or many of the chinese exchanges (two of them mentioned above). On one hand for a better depth for trading and on the other to gain popularity, or even knowledge about it.

    I wrote a short text, which is certainly quite funny asking for a DEM listing on their exchange.
    I had trouble understanding what is written on this site:

    Could you please help out applying for a DEM/BTC listing on

    Actually I put something like this in an email, which I tried to Google translate into simplified chinese.

    Dear Admin,

    could you please consider a DEM/BTC listing?

    This would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you and good luck with your business!

    Best Regards,


    Hi mcbeanburger,

    thanks for your interest in eMark.

    There are several projects in development, even during Xmas: a mobile app, a new design, and a couple of things I don't yet know about. Most of those people are very enthusiastic and are being paid in eDEM already. There is even a hotel that takes eDEM.

    This is what I know. However, there are people here much longer involved that will be happy to tell you more... 8)

    I am still digesting the goose from Xmas eve, so there might be some delay...

    Have a good one!


    Hi Arth,

    vielen Dank für Deine Antwort. Die Recherche auf Bitcointalk hat gezeigt, dass es wenig lohnende Angebote gibt.
    Dein Tipp ist bestimmt gut. Auch hier nochmal: Fröhliche Weihnachten!



    Arth6415 hatte vor gut 14 Tagen berichtet er hätte mining contracts offensichtlich für Deutsche eMark.
    Wo bekommt man soetwas? Wo werden die gehandelt? Das wäre ja auch für andere Cryptowährungen interessant.
    Vielen Dank für eine kurze Erläuterung und/oder Link zum Einstieg.
    Ist das Soetwas: Wie wendet man das an?