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    I've been 107 eMark in my wallet sitting and unlocked for staking for a month. The wallet says I have 0 weight, 107 spendable, and 0 stake. Will that stake number ever go up? The estimate to earn anything is about 151 years. Should I even bother? Or just close my wallet and not worry about participating in the network?

    Lake attached. I'd love to know how this stuff works!



    Then you should try another one.

    At you will find a lot

    If you look at the screen shot, you'll see I did try another one. The app did not actually accept the new node. I'm at a loss as to how to follow your instructions.
    I solved my problem by learning how to use the command-line options. This seems to be the only thing that would get my wallet connected:

    [font="Courier New"]./eMark-Qt -connect=[/font]

    [font="Arial"]I needed to scan the list of nodes and try one by one until it worked.[/font]

    This is what shows up in my debug.log when I first start the app:

    [font="Courier New"]connect () to failed after select (): Connection refused
    [font="Courier New"]No valid UPnP IGDs found[/font]
    [font="Courier New"]upnp thread exit[/font]
    [font="Courier New"]connect () to failed after select (): Connection refused[/font]

    Spiking the same line over and over again:

    [font="Courier New"]connect () to failed after select (): Connection refused[/font]

    [font="Arial"]I've been attached to a screen.[/font]

    [font="Arial"]Would love to have a fix for this![/font]


    I am using the Mac version of eMark QT (v1.4.1.0) and unable to get it to sync. Looking in debug.log I see "Connection refused" errors constantly. There doesn't seem to be a configuration option anywhere in the GUI to bring up a console or add nodes in any way. How do I make this thing work?