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    not sure why you feel you need to get agreement with anyone. the exchanges will adapt as will the pools.

    there is the DEM Twitter account which I think has never been used. i doubt there are more then 12 organisations to be contacted.

    suggest someone starts twitting so people know what is coming then when the request to change comes it will be already be in peoples mind.

    personally i like the idea of a low release of coins per block but have a significant total coin. that way there will always be some mining. but the rate of inflation is low.

    when you provide the translation can you also provide a timetable of when you think the changes will be completed?


    at the moment too many coins are coming out to support the requirement to have them. that issue could change when a promotion starts or adaption by the business community.

    not in the best interest right now to do nothing jmo.

    I don't understand the first question "miner-income-fee". Can you provide more details?

    ok 2. sounds like the community is questioning the original design principles. Hmmm. Can DEM be changed to reduce the total mined coin? or does it require an restart (new coin).

    This second point tells me maybe why the coin has under performed.

    "think about changes 2-3 times"

    what are the changes you are debating? If this is a community shouldn't you share them? This is why I started this thread. I still don't any clue where this coin is going.

    I think I have already stated what my notion of success is. mass adaption and commerce.

    I mention DOGE only that they have got their coin out there and people are buying and selling it. next for them is commerce.

    If DEM isn't traded very much the exchanges will take it off. Then no one can trade it. As I mentioned already there is a balance between functionality and usage. Too much of one and not enough of the other and the product (coin) will fail.

    I'll say it again " its down to product development and mass adaption (appeal). "

    By product development I mean is getting people to know about it and get people to buy it and use it for trading for other goods. then it will be successful. if DEM produces some nice features but no one is interested then you can be assured that it will fail or those features will be adapted by other coins. that is my point.

    You have to go for both internal developments and mass awareness. If Doge coin doesn't maintain the appeal and have the features that people require it too will fail.

    My point about getting my own coin is that the barrier to getting a coin started is minimal - anyone can do it. So makes my coin better then yours? little. Successful coins will have mass appeal and features for use.

    DEM seems internally focused and its a small window for getting mass adaptation. You might think you have years but you don't.

    As for helping? Not sure I can but your welcome to Private Message me with what you want. Maybe by sharing what is being developed then I can offer outside option. I am technical but no on crypto.

    you think all alt coins are going to survive? most will die. crypto coins can be compared to the internet years ago. many internet companies appeared ... most failed.

    days or months? if development is required then months.

    bitcoin was alone with little or no competition for those two years - DEM now has loads. I can create a coin for 10 bucks. its down to product development and mass adaption (appeal).

    DOGE will survive as it has proper community. DEM so far only appears to have miners - as that is what it's chart is telling me. slow sell off as coins are mined.

    one assume there will be actions out of those "decisions" so months one would think.

    there's a balancing act between first to market and best of breed. be too late and the market will move on without you regardless how much better your product is.

    doge coin - here's a quick lesson on how to market a coin. unless you have people like me interested in your coin you don't have a market and if no market then no point mining then die.

    I got this response from BTER - listening but not acting on it..... yet.

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    请将此币形,这是现在在coinex,coinse cryptsy和。



    please consider this coin as it is now on Coinex, Cryptsy and Coinse.