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  • Hi, I'm new to DEM and SHA256 in general.

    It seems to me that I can't mine directly to my eMarkd since the mining support was removed from the code.

    So I'm trying to find a working stratum server to mine DEM locally with my asic.

    Tried this one but failed on SHA support. Looks like I have to implement it on my own :(

    This one works but I'm not able to get a good block. Getting "Block decode failed" :(

    Any tips from pool admins? What are you using guys?

  • Hi ,

    Node Stratum from Zone117 works like Charm .
    what Coins.js and Pool.js you use ?

    Please Post your Coins.js here to check
    here are mine :

    "name": "eMark",
    "symbol": "DEM",
    "algorithm": "sha256",
    "txMessages": true,
    "reward": "POS"


    Regards Glen

  • "txMessages": true

    is what I'm missing :(

    Let me try with txMessages enabled. Thank you for the tip!

    Do you have p2p enabled in the pool_configs ? Does it make any sense?
    what min/maxDiff to use for S9?

    I'll post my results after testing

  • Hi ,

    as you can see my Pool uses MPOS as Frontend

    and i use Zone117 Nomp as Backend with MPOS enabled

    so, for you to test set min Diff to 1024 and max to 65k

    this should work for an S9 , but for more Power you need higher Diff

    Good Luck to setup and hope you find a Block Solo , but i dunno think you are lucky cause around 2+ PHS is on Mainchain
    So, why dont you mine on a Pool ? Solo Mining isnt profitable anymore

    Regards Glen

  • Glen is the best! :)

    Thank you so much. It works! The first block found is 1684481 and it's definitely yours :)

    Please tell me your donation address so I can transfer. Thank you do much for your tip. I was very close. Just that missing "txMessages": true

    As for solo/pool mining: I do both. There is nothing wrong with pool mining. But exactly the same applies to solo mining. I don't really understand why one needs a lot of luck to mine a solo DEM block. My calculation is that I should be able to get 5-6 block a day easily.

    We are calculating slightly differently I guess. Anyway: the reality is that I already mined few blocks in less than 12 hours. So it looks like you are calculating... hrm... differently. Even if I do the math not correctly the reality shows that there is nothing wrong with solo mining.

    Thank you so much for your assistance! Waiting for your donation address.

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