HELP TO RISE UP WTS100.000 Deutshe Mark

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  • Hi

    i need some help to make Deutshe eMark more interesting and more worth!

    i am buying DEM on Cryptsy, but someone it just dumping price and sell very cheap??! :(

    so if someone can buy DEM from me and keep them safetly (for few months) , i would like to BUMP DEM on Cryptsy!

    i do not want to make profit, just to rise up value back to , let say 0.0008 :)

    OR better let`s try to make GROUP BUY on Cryptsy !!!
    in few steps:

    first 0.00003
    then 0.00005
    then 0.00007, 10,20,50,.....

    so what do you think ?