Developers outlook

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  • Hi

    here you can talk about eDEM developing like :

    who did what and contribute to the development...

    Deadline for project development...

    at the beginning of this forum visitswas promising, but now :-[ :'(

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  • Hi Rausvi,

    it is even more promising than ever - our testcoin ist running fine since 3 weeks now. Tomorrow we´ll give all the opportunity to help us.
    Soon we will start the forking with it and change some details to see how the efforts are.


  • Hi, Im now also developer of the DEM, and we got a new development forum :-),
    we are working on that, and distribute new tasks, we also work on a second block chain for more security for the DEM Network.

    by the way: We make the first donation to BUND, and force them to take DEM, but they wont do it right now, so we make the first Donation in BTC,…e34df94bf4918296e17c8926a

    and I provide a DEM Donation account for the BUND.

    DEM BUND Donation provided from Cryptosolar:


    If you got any questions, we will try to answer in English as good as we can,
    and as soon as possible

    totgesagte leben länger :-)