GCPOOL closed the Gates on 30th Sept.2021 forever . Time to Say Goodbye

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  • Hello fellow Miners of eMark(DEM) here on GCPOOL.

    sadly i had to inform you that i will close my little Pool on the 30th of September 2021 forever.

    The Journey started Mid 2013 till now , but for personal Reasons i will close the Door and move on to RealLife next Stage Experience :-)

    It was a good and funny Time and lots of Discussion and personal Chats , i will miss that ...

    So, please checkout your remaining Funds . after closing the Pool the Remaining Coins will go to the eMark Team for Markting etc ..

    Pool Adress ( you can check in Explorer ) =


    Please support the eMark on other Pools shown on :


    Sincerly GCPOOL ( Glen )

    have a good Time for all of You.

    BYE ...