S9 Configuration (English)

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  • I need to set up my Antminer S9 to mine eMarks. Can someone assist me with this please. Also any suggestions for a pool will be appreciated too. Thanks!

  • u can go here :


    then you had to fill out the Registration and point your miner to :

    stratum+tcp://gcpool.eu:3333 -u Weblogin.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

    your Weblogin is your NAME what you choose on the Registration eg ( MYNAME ) and Workername eg ( S9 )

    like :

    stratum+tcp://gcpool.eu:3333 -u MYNAME.S9 -p WorkerPassword ( could be left or x )

    stratum+tcp://gcpool.eu:3333 -u MYNAME.S9 -p x

    thats all