Deutsche eMark

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What is the eMark?

The eMark is digital money that cannot be manipulated and is also easy to use.

The Deutsche elektronische Mark is a decentralized digital currency programmed using cryptographic algorithms. The combination of cryptography and currency is also called a cryptocurrency. Cryptography and its underlying mathematics replace the central institutions needed for traditional currencies, such as banks. This makes a cryptocurrency significantly more secure and efficient against established systems such as the Euro or Dollar. The eMark also uses the proven blockchain-technology, which makes receiving and sending transactions fast, easy and secure.



The transactions are carried out within seconds, geographical distances are irrelevant. A separate and anonymous account number can be generated for each transaction, which does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the owner. You can also print out and lock away your eMark on a paperwallet.



Blockchain technology guarantees decentralized protection of all transactions and credit balances. Central servers, which are susceptible to failures and manipulations, are not required. Your eMark balance is stored much more securely than money in classic online banking. The program code is also open source, which guarantees maximum transparency.



- SHA256D, Proof of Work + Proof of Stake
- 210 millions PoW-Coins
- 3.8% Stake / mtl. Payout (30 days = ~0,32%)
- 50 DEM / Block
- 1 Minute Blocktime
- Purpose of each transaction
   (maximal 140 Zeichen, ist öffentlich einsehbar)



A wallet is the software required to transfer eMark. The first would be the original software client "eMark-qt". It loads the complete blockchain (cash book) onto your computer and has all the functionalities of the eMark, including interest generation. The disadvantage is the high memory consumption, which already amounts to 700 MB at the beginning of 2016, since all transactions carried out, including the purpose of use, are stored forever in the block chain.


Users of the eMark-qt Wallet support the eMark network. The second type of existing wallet works without downloading the blockchain. They download only the information necessary for the transaction. Smartphone wallets are the best example.
Paperwallets can also only receive eMark. The disadvantage is that smartphone wallets and paper wallets cannot be used to generate interest.



Verwalte deine eMark immer und überall mit deinem Handy. Die Sicherheit deiner eMark steht an erster Stelle. Alle DEM und die dazugehörigen Schlüssel werden auf deinem Gerät verwahrt. Die privaten Schlüssel werden nie an irgendwelche Server oder Drittanbieter gesendet. Durch die Hardwareverschlüsselung ist es sogar möglich, deine eMark wieder herzustellen, selbst wenn du dein Smartphone verlieren solltest. Die eMark Wallet verbindet sich direkt mit dem eMark Netzwerk und verlässt sich nicht auf externe Server. Niemand kann deine Daten abgreifen oder die Wallet abschalten.


- keine Registrierung bei Drittanbietern notwendig
- Kein Blockchain download
- Sicherheit durch Fingerabdruck
- Zeitersparnis mittels QR Codes
- Anzeige in DEM oder Fiatwährungen
- Kein Server der gehackt werden kann oder ausfällt
- Einfache Wiederherstellung von einer anderen Smartphone Wallet
- Mit einer Wortkette wird die Wallet ganz einfach gesichert
- Die privaten Schlüssel verlassen niemals die Wallet